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Flexible Policy

With the size of the population and a small workforce, Brunei Darussalam adopts a 'flexible' policy for the recruitment of foreign workers. The meaning of 'flexibility' is infinite.

Localization Policy

Prioritising locals to be engaged in private sector jobs, while employment of foreign workers is temporary.

Policy Implementation

1.    License for the hiring of foreign workers can only be given to employers who are qualified, capable and 'genuine'.

2.    Position - the position given to foreign workers are positions that cannot be filled by locals, whether due to qualifications / experience or less / not interested
       in the posts concerned.

3.    It is to be ensured that the foreign workers recruited have suitable qualifications and skills.

4.    Monitor and control the rate of administration and salary increases for most positions that are filled by foreign workers.

5.    ‚ÄčThe freeze on several posts that are of interest and could have been filled by the locals.