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Foreign Workers License Application Procedure

Company License Application

Admission procedure application form New License, Additional and Renewal currently is:

  • Implement the counter by the Assistant Labour Inspector (ALI)
  • The application form is received subsequently after applicants are interviewed
  • For new application, inspection of the place of business / company will be carried out within a week of receiving application
  • For additional application / renewal, inspection is the instruction of the Secretariat of License

Documents Required For Application of New Company License:

1.    Copy of applicant’s Smart Identity Card 

2.    Copy of business partner’s Smart Identity Card / Passport

3.    Copy of Registration of Company Section 16 & 17 / Form 'X'

4.    Copy of Tenancy Agreement:
       •    ​Office/ Place of Business
       •    ​Worker’s Accommodation

5.    Layout of Office/ Place of Business/ Worker’s Accommodation

6.    3R Sized Photos:
       •    Office (front, back, right, left and side view of the office)
       •    Place of Business (front of the building, including signage, back and inside building)
       •    Project site Worker’s Accommodation

7.    A) If the applicant is a Main Contractor, please attach a copy of a valid (duration) Project Award documents specifying the following items:
      •    Name of Project
      •    Project Address
      •    Principal
      •    Work Schedule and Job Specification
      •    Project Value
      •    Commencement Date of Project
      •    Completion Date of Project
      •    Main Contract
      •    Verification Court Stamp for non-Government Projects

      B) If the applicant is a Sub- Contractor, please attach a copy of relevant documents including:
      •    Sub-contract agreement specifying Name of Main Contractor; Name of Sub Contractor; Project Value Sub Contracted out
      ​•    Contract from Principal to Main Contractor (as specified in 7(A))

      C) If the applicant has projects as Main Contractor and Sub-Contractor, please attach documents as specified in 7(A) and 7(B)

8.    Copy of Documents from government agencies such as:
      •    Contractor and Supplier Registration Certificate from Ministry of Development
      •    Permit to carry out construction projects from the competent authority such as Land Department and District Office

9.    List of local workers employed in the company

10.  If the applicant possesses other  foreign worker recruitment licenses or own other companies, pleases specify:
      •    List of companies owned by the applicant
      •    Type of business activities
      •    Copy of the Company Registration

11.    Other relevant documents.

•    Applicants must complete the application form
•    Applicants must attach the required documents
•    Any incomplete applications will not be accepted


​Matter​Client's Charter (Working Days)
​Application for Renewal of License​25